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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

#75 Chocolate Rain

JNR #75 "The Chocolate Rain Episode."

28 Aug 2007
35 mins 10 secs

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- [NSFW!]



Oregon Chad said...

a great retro-episode! it's nice to hear the chemistry again. Well done, people!

Just Not Right said...

Thanks, Chad! I'm glad you liked it. This DEFINITELY felt like an old school episode. Ha ha!

I guess some things never change.

- Jake ;)

PoetryGirl said...

Awwwww.... You said HI to me. :) I am so glad you two are back to doing episodes, the chemistry is kick ass! I did skip from 63 to this one for a selfish reason, to hear my name! Keep up the great work and I want to be a guest sometime. :) Have a great day and I will see ya on myspace.

xoxo Sarah

Just Not Right said...

Ha ha! Thank you for your tremendous listening abilities, Sarah. You are awesome!!

I'm glad you're enjoying the show, and HOLY CRAP!! You are probably caught up already. Whoa!!


Susan said...

Chocolate Rain! What is the deal with that song? My husband found it and showed it to me a couple of months ago. Every time he gets on YouTube people are watching it. Strange phenomenon. And like Erin, my first thought was totally diarrhea. Have you watched any of the spoofs of it?

It was AWESOME to hear from Erin again! I was hoping you guys would have me laughing so hard I'd go into labor (6 days late and counting...), but I totally didn't. Although Erin talking about my minty fresh breath almost did it.