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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

#73 Good Bad

JNR #73 "The Good Bad Episode."

14 August 2007
28 mins 15 secs

- Troll 2 Article
- Sadness




Queen Kat said...

Jake...Dillieboy is my Ex boyfriend like from 14 years ago...not my husband.

Don't worry, I still love you!

Queen Kat

Just Not Right said...

D'oh!! Sorry, Kat. It's not uncommon for me to mess up something important like that.

Thanks for still loving me, and thank you for being part of the show!


Dry Shave said...

Hi Jake,


Sorry to hear your news. I actually feel sad and Ross is sitting here with a downer look on his face too.

Hope the rest of your summer is enjoyable.




Just Not Right said...

Thanks, Karen and Ross. You guys are two of the best people I know.

- Jake ;)

Donna said...

I wanted to let you know that my home computer got fried and I can't access my myspace account at work so I haven't been able to log in at all :( I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you or had disappeared. Hopefully I can be up and running again soon! Stay cool!!

Just Not Right said...

Hey Donna,

Thanks for staying in touch. I'm not sure which is worse- car trouble or computer trouble. It seems like most of us can't live without either these days.



Amy Hutch said...

Oh, Jake I'm sorry to hear what's up. I hope you feel better. In fact may I help? Yes? Good! Alright here goes....

You have a very light soul. You're very easy going. You're very easy to talk to and to be around. You have many friends that love you. You are a very nice and special person. You bring a smile to my face every day.
Thank you for being you! ;)

How's that? Feel better. You should. Well, ALoha!

~Amy Hutch~

Just Not Right said...

Thank you, Amy. You made me feel a lot better right now. ;)


Donna said...

Just don't drop me from your top friends just because you don't hear from me otherwise I'll be sad. Guess I need to listen to your new podcast to see what every one is commenting about.


Just Not Right said...

Ha ha! Those "top friend" spots on MySpace are like gold, aren't they? You're still up there, Donna. I make changes every few days, but you're still there.

Thanks for staying in touch!


Phil said...

I'm not sure how that noise in the background of the "compliments" section is meant to make women weak at the knees... Admittedly I'm not a woman, but it completely creeped me out. As you know I'm usually a sucker for your compliments, but that noise made you sound like a creepy stalker :)

Maybe it makes women go weak at the knees by making them tremble in fear?

Just Not Right said...

HA HA HA! Phil, that was exactly my intention for YOU! Thanks for letting me know it worked. ;)

Ha ha ha...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jake, thanks for the plug!!!
my podcasts can also be found at:

Isn't Kat the best though!!!


Just Not Right said...

Kat is awesome! Thanks for stopping by, DyllieBoy.


S.B. Naas said...

I just listened... Arpad is very excited about his screaming rubber chicken... it will go well with the blow up doll that lives in the living room! Thanks so much! It certainly was a close race!

Just Not Right said...

Every screaming rubber chicken needs a blow up doll to call it's own.


Poodles Rule said...

I am slowly getting caught up on listening to my podcasts.

Sorry to hear about the break up.

At times like these, advice from strangers in your city probably doesn't mean a whole helluvalot, but just take some time enjoying being alone. Learn to like being with you.

As the famous philosophre HOJO once said in his music "things can only get better."