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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

#76 Over the Roller Derby

JNR #76 "The Friends Over the Roller Derby Episode."

04 Sep 2007
40 mins 00 secs


1. Bumper from Rich Lawrence.

2. Listener Feedback.

3. Rejection Letter Audio from Gene

4. Facebook Listener Feedback

6. Roller Derby THIS SATURDAY Sept. 8th

7. Acoustic

8. Somewhere Over the Rainbow by ?


Phil said...

Oh dear! I didn't expect my sad old git Facebook comments to get read out "on the air"... How embarrassing!

To answer your question as to where I am at the moment: still in Newfoundland. Not a lot to add to that, really.

Regarding the possibility of Erin coming back as a co-host: yay! Though I have to say I'd prefer a regular schedule with solo shows when you and Erin can't get in sync...

Just Not Right said...

Ha ha, Phil! I know you enjoy the exposure. C'mon!

Glad to hear you are still in Newfoundland. Isn't that where Sarah MacLachalachan (sp?) is from?

It would be nice if Erin and I started a more consistent show again. I wouldn't mind it, but Erin's social schedule is taking presidence in her life right now, which is really good for her. So, we'll see.

I've had a few offers from other people. That could be fun too.

- Jakey ;)

Amy Hutch said...

Hey Jake!
Thanks for the shout-out =)
Yo, Erin is weird!!! (Not in a bad way, but still.) Love the past 2 shows, though.

BTW- I'm just one 8th grade listener!
(that's By The Way)

U ROX, I ROX, hey.... WE ROX!!!!! (lqtm)

~Amy Hutch~

Ps. PLEAZE!!! Check out (It ROX!)

Just Not Right said...

Hey Amy! Ha ha ha! Yes, Erin is weird. (Not in a bad way. But still.) HA HA HA! Your comment is hilarious. Thank you for leaving it. =)

Hey, I listen to TotalPodcastrophe all the time. Now I know who you are. OK, it all makes sense. ;)

Thank you for listening, Amy. YOU ROCK!!

- Jake =)