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Sunday, August 19, 2007

#74 Awesome Friends

JNR #74 "The AWESOME FRIENDS Episode."

19 Aug 2007
23mins 35secs

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Mishelle said...

Another positive, yet thought provoking podcast...thanks Jake!

You are simply the BEST!!

Just Not Right said...

Thanks, Mishelle!

YOU are the best! ;)

Christiana said...


With tears in my eyes and the weight of sadness upon my heart, I thank you for your beauty, friendship, kindness and love.

You amaze me still and I will always love you!


Just Not Right said...

I will always love you, Christiana. Thank you for being so amazing! You are one of a kind.


Amy Hutch said...

Hey Jake, hang in there. You won't regret it. Things always get worse before they get better. Don't forget to stay as cool as I know you are.
U ROX!!! Enjoy your day and don't forget to SMILE!!! It makes people curious ;) and it makes everything a little bit better. C YA!

~Amy Hutch~ =)

Susan said...

Hey Jake, I'm sorry you've been sad. I hope you continue to feel better with the support of all your friends. I hope Chris has the same type of support, too, but I can't imagine that she doesn't inspire the same type of friendships with other people. I'll be thinking of you both.

Take care, and have a beer or a glass of wine and toast yourself for me- I'll toast you myself after the baby comes. You're a good guy; I'm glad you're going to take some time to yourself. You'll be in good company.

Just Not Right said...

Thanks for your comment, Amy! You made me smile completely. Woo-hoo!! Your kindness means a lot.

- Jake ;)

Just Not Right said...

Hey Susan!

Thank you for your kind words. You are AWESOME!! (I like your new pic, by the way.)

I will definitely drink some beer and/or vodka and/or wine in your honor.

- Jake =)