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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

#72 Jake Jack Black

JNR #72 "The Jake Jack Black Episode."

07 August 2007
29 mins 50 secs

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Oregon Chad said...

Nice one! Remembrances of Lagoon was great, brings back the memories! I heard an interesting comparison between MySpace and FaceBook being that the Bart Simpsons congregate on MySpace and the Lisa Simpsons gather on FaceBook. Is this an over generalization? Perhaps there's some accuracy to it when you consider the original intentions of each. MySpace was a gathering of the rebel/rocker-types and FaceBook was more collegiate and intellectual. I found an interesting Jack Blackish character on YouTube and his version of Van Halen's Eruption is hilarious. The URL is:
Missing Erin and the chemistry. I'm waiting anxiously for the vote tally for the good bad impression contest. Finally, my mashup remix of Erasure's "When a lover leaves you" has been posted here: I'm #116.

Peace and Tranquility, everyone.

Just Not Right said...

Hey Chad!

Thanks for your comment. Remember: "There's Only 1 Lagoon." ;)

I enjoyed the Simpson's comparison to MySpace vs. Facebook. I have no idea of the accuracy but it sounds like it could be accurate. Ha!

Congratulations on adding the mash-up to Erasure's contest. I know you will do well!!

I'll check out the youtube videos later.

- Jake =)

Mishelle said...

fun cast this week jake...or should I say Jack? I too miss the banter between you and Erin.

Thanks as always for an entertaining cast. Oh asked about my secret is Jergens.

Just Not Right said...


HA HA HA! You and your jergens. Thanks for leaving a comment. You are the best!!

- Jake =)

Wil said...

If you play "Grover" backwards it says "Hurry Up, F*&k me!"

Just Not Right said...

Ha Ha ha!

Ardy said...

This is the first time I have seen this website. Andreas Good bad Impression of Milton was great....

Just Not Right said...

Thanks for stopping by, Ardy! All 4 impression have been in tne lead at one point or another.

I think they are all great! ;)

Amy Hutch said...

Yo, this is Amy. I wanted to say thanks for the shout-out! Nice episode. Funny one! :p
HEY, have you been working out? You look great you really do.

PS. I meant every word.

Just Not Right said...

Ha ha! Thanks, Amy. You are too cool!


Susan said...

Hey Jake! I got all the Asimov quiz questions right! It's the only PhD I'll ever get, since I bailed on the one I was working on in the past, thank GOD! I'm honored it could be bestowed upon me by such a clever podcaster.

Anyway, enjoying the show, as always. Distraction is helpful in the last couple uncomfortable weeks of pregnancy. I truly appreciate all your little compliments to the listeners, since most of what I hear these days is "You're HUGE!" or "You look like you're going to pop!" or "You walk like a duck!"

Just Not Right said...


Congratulations on your 100% Asimov Quiz Answers!! WOO-HOO! That is a proud, shining moment for you. Wicked-Awesome!!

And, in case you've already had your baby, congratulations on the birth of your beautiful child.

- Jake ;)