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Monday, July 30, 2007

#71 Intense MySpace

JNR #71 The Intense Myspace Episode

30 July 2007
37 mins 00 secs

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- Good Bad Impression Contest
- The Stranger
- 300
- The Holiday



Amy Hutch said...

Hello! I'm Amy. I LOVE your show! especially this one. You're AMAZING! And you look great, you really do. Have you been working out? You just have this amazing glow about you. Really you do. I hope you know you are loved in this world.
Anyway, I just want to ask you for you to be my friend. I mean on Twitter. My username is RoxieHutch.
Please be my friend!!!

(ps. Thanks for all of compliments, ya'know... flattery will get you everywhere)

Just Not Right said...

Hey Amy,

I'm glad you LOVE the show! =) Thanks for saying all of those wonderful things. Do you really mean them? Ha ha. ;)

As of a few minutes ago, I am stalking, err I mean "following" you on Twitter.

Thanks again,
- Jake =)

Andrea said...

I can't believe you would talk about 300 and not Hot Fuzz!! I ran out today after work and bought it immediately! If you haven't seen it, please, PLEASE do! Hopefully you have seen Shawn of the Dead also, because it rocks, as well! Wow there's a lot of exclamation points in this comment. I mean !
It's funny you should mention Jack Black, because when people ask me about you, I say "he's kinda like that Jack Black guy, humor-wise"
It's good to know you like him, because there's nothing worse than being compared to someone you don't like.
Keep up the funny!
Eagerly awaiting good bad impression finale...

Just Not Right said...

Good Gravy, Andrea. You're right! "HOT FUZZ" is awesome. I don't know how I let that one slip by. Good call!!

Yeah, I've been compared to Jack Black on more than once occasion. I take it as a sincere compliment. Thank you very much, baby cakes!

Enjoy the rest of the week,
- Jake =)

Geoff said...

I've been on vacation for a few weeks and had to catch up on missed episodes so some of the comments will be a bit old. First I think its great they you want to write a novel. Fewer people seem to read books because they can, not because they have to any more, and even fewer write. Good luck on your endeavor. I hope to add it to my collect in the future.

In episode 69 you mentioned how people in this country are more worried about their image than anything else. I'm really starting to get annoyed with people being afraid to say something and getting sued. I applaude the show Southpark, though I rarely watch it, for offending everyone. They don't single one group out, with attacking the others. I agree this country has become built on fear, not freedom of speech.

Thanks for a great podcast

Just Not Right said...

Hey Geoff,

Thanks for the encouragment on my novel-writing endeavor. I appreciate your motivation and kind words.

You make some good points about South Park. They do attack everybody, don't they? I don't watch the show much anymore either, but I do applaud the unbiased critiques and pokes at our culture. Good stuff!

Thanks for listening to the show. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

- Jake =)

Just Not Right said...

Hey, it looks like I have access to my MySpace page again.

- Jake ;D

Susan said...

You know I wouldn't give you a hard time... but Camus is pronounced "Cam-oo." He's French, so of course there are a number of consonants in his name that are not pronounced- in fact, his first name is pronounced "Al-bear."

I know. It's weird... but it makes for a lovely flowing spoken language.

P.S. Your review of the Simpsons movie? Almost exactly what I said, verbatim! You rock.

Just Not Right said...


It's been awhile! Thank you for leaving a comment. And thank you for the pronunciation correction. I should know that about Camus, I speak a little French.

Oui oui!

- Jacques ;)