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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

#70 Watch Out!

JNR #70 The "Watch Out!" Episode.

24 July 2007
50 mins 40 secs

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- No Harry Potter Spoilers
- Calvin Smith (Not East Millcreek) Library
- NYC Nick
- Isaac Asimov Super Quiz MASKS
- Christiana and Jake on Reading
- Why Read?



donna said...

Hey Jake,
You should be proud of yourself for calling attention to that kid. I saw an expose' type thing on Donnie Deutsch where they had a guy on who did a hidden camera type thing right in the middle of a big city and faked a young girl (probably about 13 years old) being dragged while she yelled the same type of stuff. "I don't know you! Help!" etc. It was a real eye opener and pretty scary how many people just walked on by. :(

Thanks for the shout-out! I'm still smilin' :)


Just Not Right said...

Thanks for your comment, Donna. =) You're right, I'm glad I said something. It would be nice to think that most people in my shoes would have done the same. I'd like to think they would.

Anyway, I'm glad Florida is treating you right! Thanks again for the kind words. You are too freakin' cool!

- Jake =)

Just Not Right said...

Oh man... My MySpace page got hacked and I lost all of my friends. =(

Please request to add yourself to my page again-

- Jake ;)

Mishelle said...

Nick is often under-whelmed by lots of things. It doesn't surprise me at all. You have known him almost forever, and should know by now he's just hard to please! =)

As to the whole library thing, I totaly would have said something, but I am super wary when it comes to kids. From a parent point of view, I am glad you asid something. What if that kid had been being would have saved him.
You are a SUPER HERO!! =)

Just Not Right said...

Good ol' Nick Johnson. He keeps it real! ;)

Thanks for your comments, Mishelle. I'm not a super hero by any means, but it's kind of you to say so.

By the way, my MySpace page now points to the correct page, however I am not able to log into my account. Big mess! D'oh!!

Wicked awesome and stuff,
- Jake ;)