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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

#69 Male Ego

JNR #69 "The Male Ego Episode."

17 July 2007
34 mins 40 secs

PupuPlayer PRO

- Timewaster Letters
- Good Bad Impressions - ANDREA
- The Utah Religious Divide
- American Egotism
- Asimov Quiz - ANIMALS
- Harry Potter
- Raw Shark Texts
- Apathy
- Harry Potter 5



S.B. Naas said...

Comment number 1!! yea!
So, the whole discussion of fear was really interesting. I think that you might be right about that mentality with in Americans... a fear of being wrong, or of not being the best. I am not paraphrasing what you said well.. but I am trying. I think what we are missing... and feel free to disagree with me on this, is community. I think that the reason that people are so attracted to online community is because you can be yourself, or you can be someone else... but it doesn't matter. What you wear, how your hair looks, and your physical appearance just don't matter online... and there is a degree of safety in that. People are really afraid to share themselves when they can be seen as vulnerable.
Thanks for doing the Asminov quiz... I do love it... I think tho, that i love the intro and outro for the quiz more tho... :
~Sharah (a.k.a. s.b. naas)

Phil said...

Hey Jake
Thanks for the kind words! Though I think you're a loony for preferring my limited guest spots on Blarm... You should definitely check out the new episodes; Dana's doing a great job.

I have to say that I had always thought of The Listener as being gender neutral; it hadn't occurred to me that you were aiming your praise in a female direction until I heard the male oriented compliments. Please revert to type, though; I'd rather hear you wax lyrical over my luscious lips than my bulging pecs :)

Like Sharah above I have to admit to liking the intro/outro of the Asi-muh-mov Quiz more than the quiz itself - we want more Christiana!

Just Not Right said...


Thank you for your comment. You might be onto something with the lack of community in the U.S. Good call!

Christiana will be glad to know that you enjoy her intro/outro to the Asimov Quiz.

- Jake ;)

Just Not Right said...


Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you always thought of "the listener" as being gender neutral. That means I must have been doing something right! I only hope it's not tarnished for you going forward. (By the way, your lips look HOT today. Way better than your rippling muscles.)

Christiana will be more than happy to hear yet another compliment on her Asimov Quiz intro/outro.

- Jake ;)