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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

#68 Golden Snitch

JNR #68 The Golden Snitch Episode

11 July 2007
29 mins 50 secs

PupuPlayer PRO

- Socializing Tips
- New HDTV arrived
- Harry Potter
- Good Bad Contest
- The Throat
- Amy Sedaris
- PS3


Oregon Chad said...

thanks for noticing the lips! they are nice today! I've been watching the news from Utah from ktvx online about the fires. hope the situation's under control soon. we're having brown-outs at work here in Oregon, I got sent home early last night. That was nice but I don't have AC at home. :-( The heat is on! Here's my newest creativity:
Nuff said, looking forward to a sexy JNR#69 PEACE

Dry Shave said...

Thanks for calling me out on my missing "bad impression" submission. Now I've been shamed into submitting yet another one.

You're just lucky you noticed my lips, as I just applied Limeade flavoured "Liplicious Sheer Tasty Lip Colour", before listening to your show. How do you always know?


Just Not Right said...

Oregon Chad! Thank you for leaving a comment. You are the man. Are you working on any new tunes? If you have time, I would love to give you some instrumental pieces to tweak. Let me know if you're interested, OK?

By the way, your time-lapse music is freakin' awesome!!!!


Just Not Right said...

Karen of the Dry Shave,

Thank you for your comment. Have you heard Oregon Chad's music? It's awesome!! Where is your good bad impression? I know it will rock! And hey, your lips are too important to pass up. You are the woman!! WOO!!

Keep it semi-real.

Just Not Right said...

Just a follow up- I saw the movie: "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" tonight.

Summary: My least favorite book of the series, by MOST FAVORITE MOVIE ADAPTATION TO DATE!

That's a thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

Let me just say that Utahs don't seem too friendly. I have lived in many states and people will frequently start talking to you there. I made most of my out-of- states friends just by random conversations. So, I think more people in Utah need to start random conversations with strangers to make this place feel a little more friendly.
And waaaa! I'm sad Harry Potter will be ending as well.

S.B. Naas said...

just listening at my desk at work... and grinning at your comments about socialization. My pastor has reminded our church a gazillion times that Americans are the most lonely people on the planet (He says there is a stat for that), and it is interesting to hear social scientists are finding that it is true. Could our co-operative loneliness be changed if we interacted more often and said "hi!" to eachother on the bus? My church's core beliefs are based on the concept that if we create community, we will be happier... and I think that it is a valid point. All this to say, yea for being nice and trying to chat with people! It sure takes guts to do that!