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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

#55 Self Check-Out

"JNR #55 The Self Check-Out Episode."

08 May 2007
40 mins 40 secs

- Letter from a Utah Nut BALONEY SANDWICHES
Jenneke from The Netherlands
- Pans Labyrnth



Anonymous said...


Here is a Quick, Stupid comment! I love your rambling...and hey don't you look great today? No really, you look great, is that a new shirt? It looks great on you, I love that color!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jake and Christiana!
Just want to wish you a great trip to Canada! I look forward to hearing your podcast from closer to home!
Have fun!

Cheers from Vancouver Island!

Christine :)

PS~ love the new website! =)

Just Not Right said...

Mishelle! Thank you for being the first user to try out the new comment page. Ha ha! Did you love the last bit of show #55 with MORE of the screaming chicken? HA HA!!

Love ya,
- Jake =)

Just Not Right said...

Hello, Christine! WOW!! Thank you for being the 2nd person to use the new comment page. Christiana and I are excited to visit Vancouver. We understand the weather will be nice a sunny, though not as freakin' HOT as Utah right now. Ha ha! =)

We can't wait!!

Thanks again,
- Jake =)

SupComTabz said...

Your comments work.
Stop bugging me ;)

Just Not Right said...

Thanks, Tabz!
LOL!! =)

Anonymous said...

Jakey, Jake!!

You're so freaking hot! Oooh Baby! Every time you swipe that Fresh Values Card at Smith's, you melt my butter!



Just Not Right said...

LOL! I'm glad you appreciate my Fresh Values Swipe. RAWR!! >=)

S.B. Naas said...

YOU did pronounce it right! Shar- ah is correct :) Thanks for mentioning me... I did find the new website and it is soooo much prettier than the old one :) Yea! Listening to 55 right now!
Do have a wonderful trip to Canada, I am going at the end of May, but to a totally different area... for an anime convention. What can I say, my friends and I are nerds!

Just Not Right said...

Thanks, Shara! You have a beautiful first name. Thank you for leaving a comment on the new site.

Chris and I are in Vancouver right now. The city is beautiful! I had no idea how busy and exciting it would be. Whoa!! I'm sure you'll enjoy your trip to Canada in a few weeks.

Have fun at your Anime convention! I saw part of one on a TV show a few years back.