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Thursday, May 17, 2007

#61 Vancouver Pt 6 Pub Walk

"JNR #61 Vancouver Pt 6 Live Pub Walk"

17 May 2007
39 mins 50 secs

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SupComTabz said...


She's not in the shownotes?!

Tabz protests! ;) (Just kidding)

Mindy said...

anyway I really liked all of this weeks show. I'm officially a new big fan of it now. I hoped you guys had plenty of fun. Try coming to Mont Tremblant (t's are silent) in Quebec for some skiing or come to Ottawa to skate on the longest skating rink in the road aka Rideau River or see the ice sculptures during Winterlude and drink hot apple cider. I hope you guys come back soon!! aurevoir (bye)

Just Not Right said...

Oh Tabz... =( I f'd up, didn't I? Sore-y aboot that! I'll mention you in next weeks show, mkay?


Just Not Right said...

Hey Mindy!

Thanks for leaving another comment. I'm glad you're a big fan of the show! Chris and I would love to visit more of Canada, especially Quebec. Who knows? Perhaps one day it will happen. =)

Well, I hope you enjoy the show going forward. We normally do it from Salt Lake City, Utah in the USA. =P

In fact, we're home now.

; =l

SupComTabz said...

You know I'm just teasing Jake ;)

If people don't know who I am by now..... then ummmm... SAD!

I love you Jake. You just make life better. And you have the best gf ever. I do not think I could be as great a girlfriend as Chris is.

Just Not Right said...

Awe, thanks, Tabz. I love you too! YOU are the one who makes life so great. Thank you for all of your great audio comments and kind words.

Keep up the great work!


Mindy said...

No problem...I'm a talker...I love to leave comments and hehe...well Utah can't be that bad...couldn't be any worst than living in the middle of no where....literally lol. Don't you have that cool archy thing down there? As you can probably tell I don't travel much lol.

Just Not Right said...


Yes, we have that cool archy thing in Southern Utah. I've never seen it, but it's on my license plate. D'oh! Utah isn't that bad. It depends on your lifestyle, I guess.

I'm thinking of doing a show about life in Salt Lake City. Sort of along the same lines as the Vancouver shows. It could be interesting, no?

Thanks again,

Mindy said...

yea i think it would be interesting especially for someone like me who knows nothing about it lol. I only remember the cool archy thing from American Idol hehe