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Monday, May 14, 2007

#58 Vancouver BC Pt 3

"JNR #58 Vancouver BC Pt 3"

14 May 2007
33 mins 50 secs

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Chad (aka OregonChad) said...

Jake, this is Oregon Chad here. Not Sugarhouse Chad, although I once lived in Sugarhouse.
1068East2700South, to be exact. And, strangely, the only time I ever visited Vancouver, CAN was in 1988 when I lived in Sugarhouse! (Twilight Zone Theme plays here) I wrote the comment yesterday as well, don't ask me how the Blogger thing knew my name as Chad because I'd never posted a comment here before. So this time I'll post a little more info and check "other". Hey, this daily podcast/audio blog format you and Christiana are doing is really cool. Another cool thing about B.C. restaurants, when they bring you fries, they cover them with gravy instead of that funky pink sauce you Utahns like so much. BTW, Christiana, maybe Sugarhouse Chad is cute, but Oregon Chad is waaay cute. Well, enjoy the real beer while you can get it cuz next weekend it's back to the piss water they pass for beer in Utah. Bye for now.

Just Not Right said...

Thanks for the comment, Oregon Chad (not Sugarhouse Chad). Ha ha!

Blogger. =) I think Blogger and Gmail are both Google products, so they share info. Maybe? No? It's possible.

Anyway, thanks for the update on the fries. So far, we haven't experienced any gravy, but we still have a few more days to go.

See you back in Salt Lake!