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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

#62 Oregon Chad in Salt Lake

"JNR #62 The Oregon Chad in SLC Episode."

38 mins 30 secs
22 May 2007

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- Erasure
- Droopy


Anonymous said...

Jake and Chris...

Nick and I would LOVE to help you with your audio tour of SLC, it would be fun!

Thanks for the Screaming Chicken, I do love it! You two are so much fun, you helped make my 30th birthday very memorable!!


Just Not Right said...

Really? That would be AWESOME! We'll have to plan some time and record a segment or two, eh?


Nick said...

So much to say, let's just sum up.
Oregon Chad, you have the willpower of an ox to pass up the cuisine delight of Red Rock - some of the greatest food in UT. And who every thought Harem'n would have a large population that wasn't polygamist.

Worst Donald Duck impression ever... what were you thinking?

You need some help w/ the audio tour of SLC, temple not a highlight. Come on! SL ROCKS!!! Let's hit the town together.

I found my strength in Asimov quizzes, and it is fictional animals. 27 baby!!

Love you guys! You both look great!

;} Nick

Nick said...

Forget Temple Square, the real action is a mile east at Gilgal Sculpture Garden: Home of the Joseph Smith Sphynx.

And as puts it: Why bother with way - the - hell - out - of - the - way Grand Canyon when you can gaze at something just as spectacular only a half-hour drive from Salt Lake City? The Bingham copper mines.

I love Salt Lake!!

Just Not Right said...

Thanks for writing, Nick! Yeah, it would be cool to hit SLC with you and Mishelle and see all the good sights. Thanks for volunteering! Good on ya for the wicked high Asimov score. Woo!!

What day/night is good for you?

Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that freaky Joseph Smith thing. Ha ha!


Paul said...

Great show.. loved hearing about Salt Lake City.. and have I ever told you how much I LOVE your outro music? It rocks my world!

Just Not Right said...

Thanks, Paul! Oregon Chad is a genius with music, isn't he? Hopefully you can hear more about SLC in future episodes.

Weeeeeeeee! =)

Oregon Chad said...

I'm all like touched by your kind words. Hopefully we can hook up again before I head home.

I always called that odor the Great Salt Lake has the Lake Defect.

errata: when Jake asked about lawn sprinklers in Oregon, I should have answered, "I don't see many, but then again, I don't get out much!" In my neighborhood, we're all renters and during the dry days, some of my neighbors will use a garden hose and sprayer to wet the lawns but I can't really speak for the entire State, you know....any other Oregonians out there to clarify on this issue?

Just Not Right said...

Hey Oregon Chad, thanks for leaving a comment! Yes, we should definitely head out for another beer (and soup). Call or text me before you head home.

Good call about Oregon sprinklers!