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Monday, April 30, 2007

#54 Rubber Chicken Episode.

30 Apr 2007
43 Mins 05 Secs

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Susan said...

I haven't been commenting lately, but I never miss a show! Have fun on your 32nd birthday! I enjoyed mine back in February. It happened to coincide with the end of my first trimester, so we finally got to tell our families that we're having a baby. That made it more exciting. It's not a particular milestone, but it is what you make it, so have a good time!

That chicken. I was on a walk, laughing out loud. All the little college students packing up to go home for the summer were looking at me funny.

By the way, your little love notes during the show always make me giggle. Especially as I waddled past all the skinny little college girls with my big old belly. Thanks. If you need something new to say- use the term "glowing." Apparently that's what I'm supposed to look like these days.

Have a blast on your trip! We went to Victoria for our honeymoon and we really enjoyed it!