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Monday, February 25, 2008

#98 Rumpelstiltskin

JNR #98 "The Rumpelstiltskin Episode"

26 Feb 2008
33 mins 50 secs
PupuPlayer PRO

- David Archuleta



Phil said...

Nice to get namechecked. Not so nice to get namechecked in reference to being constipated :|

I've been really enjoying the last few episodes. You could put out an episode consisting entirely of Erin giggling and I'd be happy.

Counting down to 100!

Just Not Right said...

I'm glad you've been enjoying the casts, Phil! Sorry if I kept it 'TOO' real with you. =/

You know I love you!

DJJazzyTerry said...

Oh my god.. i totally forgot that I avoided offensive smells that way...
but hey.. thanks for the shout out!!!
You guys are hilarious.. and i laughed out loud..
Good Stuff...
Signed.. " a NEW FAN"

Just Not Right said...

Glad you enjoyed the show, DJJazzyTerry. (Nice name!)

I have you recorded on video somewhere... don't I?


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't mind hearing you guys ruin Afternoon Delight or I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)


- Rev. Reed

Just Not Right said...

Ha ha, Reed! Careful what you wish for.


Anonymous said...

Also, a vocal rendition of your current opening and closing music would be OFF DA HEEZY.

mm said...

peter pan of kearns this is mr smee

Anonymous said...

Thanks Everyone for the sweet comments! I have to admit this last podcast is my new favorite thing! We seemed to be having a lot of fun! Thanks to Terry for listening to the show! You Rock! And thanks to Phil For loving me...and Rev. Reed too! I hope you guys Know that every giggle i utter i do it for you guys! :D


Just Not Right said...

MM! How the hell have you been? Remember when you slapped me really hard on the back during Geography Class? OUCH!!

I miss you.

Just Not Right said...

Erin, you left a comment on the podcast page??


Just Not Right said...

::regains consciousness::

I'm glad you left a comment, Erin. It's a pleasure to see you here. YAY!!


Anonymous said...

You silly goobers! I had so much fun listening to the show! Haha! I giggled and smiled almost the entire time! I have to admit that though your singing wasn't the best cup of tea, it was my favorite cup of tea! You can sing for me whenever you like, too!

Good fun, cutie pies!

I love you both!


Just Not Right said...

Thanks, Christiana. You've been a fun part of the past 100 episodes as well. Thank you for being so damn cool! (I need to use that "" promo featuring your sexy voice again, don't I?)