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Monday, March 3, 2008

#99 Yes

JNR #99 "The Yes Episode."

03 March 2008
22 mins 28 secs
PupuPlayer PRO

- David Archuleta



Anonymous said...

HA! Afternoon Delight made me smile very big. Thanks! That was amazing! And I forgive you, Erin, for forgetting Bleed It Out. I can't remember the lyrics either. Shame on you, Jake, for putting her on the spot!

Anonymous said...

The theme was awesome too.

Not so much with the Meat Loaf song.

Just Not Right said...

Sweet Mahoney! Glad you enjoyed our singing for the most part.


DJJazzyTerry said...

great stuff guys..and you really can ruin the shit out of a song....
However.... not a big fan of the MeatLoaf... as a food or a singer...

Just Not Right said...

Thanks for stopping by, Terry. You leave good comments. ;)