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Monday, February 11, 2008

#96 Skeets


Oregon Chad said...

Hi! LTNS. What does Oregon Chad listen to? My latest fascination is Girl Talk "Night Ripper". Check it out! Yes, I'm interested in "loop music" as this is the style that I create in. The Beatles are like a religion to me. Mostly, my interests are all over the place. My motto is "if it sounds good, it is good" You can check out the Oregon Chad myspace page "band page" for more information on my musical interests. oh, and do friend me when you visit. Happy Valentine's day!

Just Not Right said...

Hey Chad! Glad to hear from you again. You know, I tried befriending your DJOC account on MySpace, but the last name and/or email address I need to become your friend doesn't work. I bet if you took out those blockers you would gain more friends.


Poodles said...

OMG! Thanks for playing the sunscreen song. I hadn't heard that in a long time. Probably about 9 years. Back then so much of it seemed like maybe someday it might be true, now that it's a decade later it's damn true!

Just Not Right said...

Thanks, Poodles! Glad you loved the song. =)

By the way, did you sign up to be OregonChad's friend on MySpace? I did. BIG YES!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jake & Erin (and Moses!)
Just want to say that I love listening to you guys! Very cool people who are so good together! ..and we (the listener) are the fortunate ones to enjoy your humor! Keep up the great shows and roll on 100!!! I'll be bringing you two along up the mountain where I'll be snowboarding the weekend away....
Christine.....from Vancouver Island B.C., Canada!!