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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

#95 All About Jake and Erin

JNR #95 "The All About Jake and Erin Episode."

23mins 45secs

5 comments: said...

I don't see any sexual tension between you & Erin. Awesome show! I have been listening since episode-75. I listen to you on my 45 minute drive up to Bogus Basin (ski-resort) here in Boise. I am a Snowboard instructor. Makes the drive fun. Keep it up. I do a podcast called "Home on the Range," and we are only on episode #10 -Joey

Just Not Right said...

Thanks for stopping by, Joey. And thank you for listening! ;) I'm glad you enjoy the show on your drive up to Bogus Basin. Erin and I have driven through Boise, and we both love the place! There is a great vibe there. I don't know what it is, but I love Idaho!! Ha ha.

I'll give your show a plug on episode #96.

Thanks again!


mereleigh said...

Hi you two :)

Thanks for the show and how much you revealed about yourself as always. The strength you both have shown and your being able to maintain a healthy (unmarried) relationship is definitely commendable...and *not* weird at all. I hope that I didn't make you feel uncomfortable with my last comment. I had so much fun listening to the show and the comment was mostly in jest. Looking back now I can see that I probably should not have said that, please forgive me.

Take care

Just Not Right said...

No worries, Mereleigh. I should actually thank you for giving me a topic of conversation for show #95. Thanks! =)

I'm glad you appreciate the unmarried relationship that Erin and I have. You always say the nicest things about us. Thank you for that, as well.

I hope life on the other side of the world is treating you well. Stay warm!! It's cold over here too.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing.