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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

#94 Beauty Beast

JNR #94 "The Beauty and The Beast Episode."

20mins 40secs

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mereleigh said...

Hi Jake and Erin,

Another fun show. Between the two of you I haven't seen so much body fluid since.... emmmmm... you don't want to know when.

On today's show however...I heard something that seemed to be sexual tension between the two of you. I've heard it before but it seemed more evident today. I know it's not my beeswax....I'm too old be be saying beeswax, however, I sensed it...did anyone else? I say YES! That being said, Erin, I feel like I have come to know you over the months and months I've been listening to the show and I'm not sure why you and Jake broke up....but it's evident that two people that have the relationship you do today is evidence of a great love, that in these times is a rarity.

So, divorced or not, you and Jake are both excellent role models for love and respect in a relationship....and I appreciate seeing that.

Thanks for making me smile again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jake,

I too am a new listener. I found your podcast from the ZUNE website. I think your stuff is pretty good, but too short (I guess if it were longer I would say it is too long)?

How about a re-cap of the marriage, devorce, and present status thing with Erin? ....Too lazy to go through your old podcasts.

Listener Simon

mereleigh said...

Anonymous, It's definitely worth going through the older podcasts!! Trust me :)

Just Not Right said...

Hey Mereleigh,

Thanks for leaving a comment. Not sure what you're picking up on, but I don't think it's sexual tension. At least, not between Erin and I.

Just Not Right said...

Hey there, Simon! Thanks for listening. I'm in the process of creating a new intro for the show. Perhaps I'll add a little background about Erin and I there, but you are definitely right. We need to summarize our crazy relationship for the newer listeners. Don't worry, we'll talk about it on the next show. Which probably won't be up until next week... unless I do one by myself. D'oh!

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

I'm about a month behind on the podcast. I know! I know! I suck! Erin's laugh really does make me happy! It's a fantastic laugh.

And, Jake, we all need a Jake-fix now and then. It's not just the fangirls.