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Monday, January 14, 2008

#92 Erin on IMDB

JNR #92 "The Erin on IMDB Episode."

14 January 2007
31 mins 35 secs

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mereleigh said...

Please enough about the listener... it's actually beginning to border on insulting.

Just Not Right said...

Hey Mereleigh! Thank you for writing. I saw your recent comment on show #90 about your displeasure at my "listener" comments. Thank you for the feedback, and thank you for listening.

- Jake =)

Trevor said...

I just recently stumbled upon your podcast while looking thru the list of podcasts available on Zune. The name and the fact that it mentioned being surrounded by mormons caught my eye, and being raised mormon myself, I just had to listen. Love the show! You and Erin and everyone else you have on the show always seem to have so much fun and I love Erin's laugh. Keep up the good work! And BTW, I like your comments about the listener. I think we should all adopt that habit. Thanks for the great show!


Just Not Right said...

Hey Trevor! Thank you for listening, and thank you so much for stopping by to leave a comment. I need to mention the Zune site on the show - we've gotten several hits from it. What is it, exactly? D'oh!

I'm glad you enjoy "The Listener" feedback. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

- Jake =)

Trevor said...

The website for the Zune is You can find all the information about the Microsoft Zune and Zune software here.