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Sunday, January 20, 2008

#93 Dance Deserted

#93 The Dance Deserted Episode.

28mins 45secs
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Anonymous said...

I'd eat Jesus. Let me explain.

Jesus has been eaten by millions of people every Sunday for 2,000 years. If there's that much Jesus to go around, he must regenerate his flesh every week. You can never run out of fresh Jesus.

Anonymous said...

And I really enjoy the asides to the listener. Even Erin's laughter. It makes me happy on the inside. You're both AMAZING!

Just Not Right said...

Thanks for stopping by Rev. Reed! I love the photo. Very cool. =) Good answer for which celebrity would you eat. Ha ha!

Rock and roll,

Geoff said...


I think that most girls want a "knight in shining armor" in more of a metaphorical sense. I mean I see this "knight" more as a protector not a jock. I think most girls want some guy who will ride to their rescue and just be there to help them when they need it. It just depends on how you see the knight whether he's strutting around trying to get laid, or a guardian angel who's always vigilant, or Don Quixote who's is chasing after his "unreachable star".

I hope this proves that knights aren't a bad thing.

P.S. I love the show, keep it rollin'! can't wait for 100!!!!!!!

Just Not Right said...

Thanks, Geoff! I like your idea of what a "knight in shining armor" really means to the ladies. Thank you for listening, and thank you for your comment.