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Monday, March 10, 2008

#100 2 Years

JNR #100 - 2 Years in the Making
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Very Special Thanks To:

Chad from
Paul from
CJ and Louise Jarvis
Rob and Leyda Cordova
Cayenne from
George Smith of Ecclectic Podcast
Rev. Reed from Two Smoking Hot Free Thinkers
Grammar Girl from
Paul, Judy, and Amy from
And of course, YOU, the listener. =)


Anonymous said...

(It's Two Smokin' Hot Freethinkers. No g in smokin' and freethinkers is one word.)

Way to go! 100th episode! Woooooooo!!!!!

Highlight of the episode: ♫All by myyyyyseeeeeeelf!♪

And you're fuckin' welcome!

Anonymous said...

Good show! It does seem pretty crazy that you're now into the triple digits! Good going! Woo Hoo! Thanks for the props! Hehe! Your sentiments brought a bigger smile to my face.

Lots of LOVE!!!

Meredith said...

Congrats on your 100th guys! I just started listening (even started from the beginning, can you believe it?!?!) and ya'll are just so much fun! Much love!

Just Not Right said...

Rev Reed- Thanks for the clarification! Glad you enjoyed the show. =)

Just Not Right said...

CJ, as always, thank you for being so great! You are an inspiration to JNR! Glad you enjoyed episode 100. There will be many more to come, and hopefully, more of YOU on the shows. =)

Just Not Right said...

Meredith, WOW!! Thank you for listening to the show. You're starting from episode #1? Holy crapola!! I hope we keep you entertained through episode 100 and beyond. Ha ha. =D Thanks for listening!!


Just Not Right said...

By the way, just so you all know, Erin and I will be back next Monday. The past few weeks have kept me and CJ busy painting our house and getting it ready for the market. ::Phew!:: It's a lot of work, but it's definitely worth it! By the way, if anyone is interested in a perfect starter home in East Murray, let me know. ;)

Thanks for listening!!!

Meredith said...

Ha ha! Yeah, I like to get the back story of a podcast before I hear the latest stuff. The hot sauce episode had me laughing in the office that I share with my boss...CJ's moaning had to be explained cause he thought it was porn!! HA HA!And here I was worried that you might have given up the good life of podcasting for good. *snicker* Good luck with the reno's! Are you going to post pics of the place when you are done? Looking forward to the next episode. Cheers from Canada!