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Monday, December 17, 2007

#88 Fashion Place Chad

JNR #88 "The Fashion Place Chad Episode."

16 Dec 2007
21 mins 13 secs
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Anonymous said...

Have you ever mentioned that your podcast is on the Microsoft Zune marketplace? :)

Dale said...

Hey This is Dale from Los Angeles California. I started listening a few days ago. I am only up to #7. But It keeps me coming back.

Just Not Right said...

Hello Anonymous! Thank you for stopping by. I haven't mentioned that JNR is on the Microsoft Zune Marketplace, but I probably should because we have a lot of new listeners - probably because of it! I will mention it on next week's regular show. Thanks for the heads up!


Just Not Right said...

Hi Dale from Los Angeles. Thank you for listening! Wow... show #7 seems like it was so long ago. I hope you stay interested and make it all the way up to our current release. Erin and I are trying to hit show #100 on our 2-year anniversary in March.

Thank you for stopping by the website.


rabrock82 said...

Podcasting is fun because you get to share all your ideas and experiences and thoughts in a fun way where others can reflect and voice opinions. At least that's why I think it would be fun.