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Sunday, December 2, 2007

01dec-jnr $20

Cayenne Chris Conroy over at is releasing a little bit of audio each day in Decemeber until Christmas. What a terrific idea! To show support for him, I've decided to do the same here at JNR.

Originally, I wasn't going to post anything about it on the site, but I probably should so you can leave comments and see what's going on.

The first episode went up yesterday and can be heard on the PuPuPlayer link, or downloaded automatically via iTunes on the podcast feed. (Both links are on the top right side of this website.)

Of course, you can download it directly here:

The first bit is called "$20.00"
Happy first of December!

- Jake =)


Oregon Chad said...

Nice first message! I feel better now and I am ready for the holiday fever and more of your holiday messages. Good luck and I know it will be a hit!

Just Not Right said...

Thanks, Chad! ;)