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Sunday, December 2, 2007

#86 The 25 Days of Christmas

JNR #86 "The 25 Days of JNR Episode"

03 December 2007
28 mins 51 secs

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Geoff said...

I've been a bit busy so i'm catching up on my podcasts but I just wanted leave a comment. I read the His Dark Materials series a few years ago as they were coming out and I thought they were pretty good. They become quite dark, like most of his books, and seem a bit depressing for kids, but in the end they were pretty interesting. Pullman has a very engaging writing writing style and I would suggest that people read the books if they're into that stuff. Oh and another thing, keep up the good work.

Just Not Right said...

Hey Geoff,

Thank you for listening, and thank you for leaving a comment! =)

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed "His Dark Materials." I am only on chapter three, but I want to finish the first book before I see the movie - which looks awesome!!

Thanks again for stopping by. Enjoy the holiday season!