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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

#82 Jake Dates

JNR #82 "The Jake Dates Episode."

34mins 10 secs

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Anonymous said...

Great show, but i would have liked to hear Jake talk more about himself.

Dry Shave said...

I'll date you. Oh wait, I'm married...and 40. Damn, two strikes against me, mwhahahahha.

Hi Erin.

Love listening to you both, as always.

Dry Shave said...

I meant to add re: text messages. What are you 12? If someone texts me I ignore them. If you don't have the time to properly communicate with me, wait until you do. I don't want to read my phone.

Hey, you should ask Steven and Ryhlla from the Rules Podcast.

Just Not Right said...

Hey Anonymous, thanks for leaving a comment. =) I feel like I've talked about myself "aplenty" over the past 82 episodes. Is there a specific question you want me to address? What would you like to know?

Karen, as always, your comments are riddled with love and sarcasm. You should know that if you weren't married, I would so date you! (Even though you're 40.) I like older women, I just don't know where I stand with them.

Thanks for listening.


~Amy Hutch~ said...

Nice show! A cute and funny one, man I miss your shows. I'm just so busy with school, dance, social stuff. All though I do listen to your shows, it just takes me a while and I usually wait and listen to several at a time.
Wow, I've waited so long to comment I feel as if I'm blabbering. Sorry!

Anywayz.... I think it's great you're dating and Erin, I love that you speak the truth! Thank you guys for just being you!!!! U ROX, Jake. U ROX, Erin, more than jake... JK, or not.... No really, JK.... *wink *wink *hint *hint. (There I go blabbering again.) Byezzzz!

~Amy Hutch~
Ps. I ROX 2!!!

Oregon Chad said...

I hope you all had a great Halloween and here's to a wonderful Thanksgiving, and to second what Amy said, You All Rox!!!

Just Not Right said...

Thanks for stopping by Amy and Chad. Man alive! We are two weeks late for our next show. D'oh!! One will come out soon... =P

Your kudos and complements are always appreciated.

Thank you for listening!