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Sunday, October 7, 2007

#80 Men and Women


Phil said...

Hey guys. Good show! Erin's laugh at 21:37 had me in hysterics.

Unfortunately I'd already seen the video on so I'm not eligible to enter the contest. I do have answers for Erin's questions, though.

Furniture: If I could choose to be a piece of furniture, I'd be Lorelai Gilmore's couch. I could cope with being sat upon by Lorelai Gilmore's ass. I'd even let her do a trump.
Phil, wearing green, yesterday.

Make up: I'm torn between wanting to wear makeup and having seen enough male goths to know that men should resist the temptation. Goth girls, on the other hand, rarely if ever put a foot wrong.

Hair: As a man with a tragically sparse beard, I would choose to move the hair on my body to the lower part of my face, whereupon I'd style it into a truly spectacular piece of facial topiary and enter the World Beard And Moustache Championship.

To summarize: guyliner-wearing, oompah-band-member-lookalike seeks fictional speedspeaking single mother for sit-down-squashing and flatufun.

Just Not Right said...

Phil!! Where were you when Erin asked me those questions? Your answers are perfect. Damn you! Let's meet so I can buy us beer!


Anonymous said...

I would choose NOT to be a piece of furniture. That would be pretty boring. However, I do like rockstars and bad boys who wear only eyeliner.
Oh and like I just realized like in that last episode that I like said "like" waaaay too much. So damn you for not editing that shiz-nit! I heart U....HOney G.

Just Not Right said...

Ha ha! Like, thanks, Honey! ;)


Anonymous said...

What in the hell was it?