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Monday, November 12, 2007

#83 Bosom Buddies

JNR #83 "The Bosom Buddies Episode"

12 Nov 2007
38 mins 10 secs

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- Bosom Buddies



Chris said...

Jake, Jake, Jake,

Without hesitation, I would definitely miss you the most. I love you and I care about you immensely! I enjoyed listening to the show with the three of you! It was good fun and I smiled and giggled a lot! Thanks for being you, and thanks for knowing how much you mean to me!

Chris xoxox

Just Not Right said...

Awe, thanks for you kind words, Chris. I'm glad you enjoyed the show! We all had a zany, madcap time recording it. Wicky-wicky-WHACK!!


Nick said...

Wow, that turned out a lot better than it seemed during recording! Ha! I missed the entire "who would miss me?" question. Of course I would miss Erin, it may just take a few weeks to realize it... Come to think of it, may take several days to notice if Jake was missing too.

Nad said...

That was by far one of the funniest episodes! I laughed so hard...I can see why you hang out with Nick. You guys mesh really well. Of course it helped that I kept picturing the shower scene from Broken Minds.
Great job guys!

Just Not Right said...

Nick, glad you enjoyed participating in AND listening to the show. Good times!

Nad, thanks for stopping by! I'm glad we made you laugh. Yeah, I too picture the shower scene from 'BROKEN MINDS' every time I see Nick. Scary!!

Thank you for listening!

~Amy Hutch~ said...

OH.... MY.... GOSH....
You guyz are totally weird. Welcome to the dark side. ;]
Anywayz, I loved the show. You guys were X-tra silly this time. BTW- what's your REAL name, "Jake"? Have you been lying all this time? **I feel a little hurt inside. =`[ ** -sniff-
We ALL ROX!!! (especially Erin and I) lqtm

~Amy Hutch~
Ps. Here's a few questions for ya....
-If you were invisible for 1hour Where would you go and what would you do?

-Where is your favorite place to sleep? Where is the strangest place you've slept?

-Would you state you were guilty of a crime you didn't commit to free a loved one?

-Would you rather commit a crime and get away with it OR go to jail (for your life) for a crime you didn't do?

Anonymous said...

Nice try on being "hip".

Just Not Right said...

Hey Amy,

As always, thank you for leaving a comment. If I remember, Erin and I will address your questions on show #84. Sweet!!

Listened to the latest podcast of your parents. Good stuff! They should have you on it more. Eh?