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Sunday, September 9, 2007

#77 Erin is Weird

JNR #77 "The Erin is Weird (not in a bad way, but still) Episode."

34mins 45secs
09 September 2007

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- Comments from show #76 (Phil, Amy Hutch)
- Legless Dancer



Amy Hutch said...

WOW!!!! Hmmmm.... I don't know where to start.
Okay, here goes!

-That was such a.... WEIRD episode, and awesome! BTW- Weird isn't a bad thing, I'm weird myself! Weird in a cool way, that is.

-"Trans music" WHAT?!?!?! Honestly, how old are you?!?!?!?!

-Hip with the emo? Do you even know what emo means? (It seems not)

-YES! I am the daughter of Paul and Judy Hutchinson. (Hense the nickname, HUTCH.) Glad you like the podcast. (I'm in the Intesive Care Bears Skit, but I don't actually sound like that)

-Erin.... YOU ROX OUT LOUD!!! Why are you weird? It's more like why AREN'T you weird. (LQTM) Like I wrote before, weirdness is awesome!!! Like you, Erin and Jake!

Love the episode! I like the ones with Erin better, but I don't want to lose the Jake time. K?
WE ALL ROX OUT LOUD!!!! (especially me and Erin.)

Aloha! =]
~Amy Hutch~

PS. Can't wait 'till my parents here this one! (!LQTM!)

Just Not Right said...

Hey Amy!

I'm glad you enjoyed the show. Ha ha! I have no idea what LQTM means. I'm 32 years old, cut me some slack! D'oh!! ;o

Erin should be pleased to learn that when you call her "Weird," it means "Good," not "Bad."

Because she's BAD! She's BAD! Sham-on!

=l Did I really just type a Michael Jackson reference there? Holy cripes!!

- Old Man Jake ;)

Anonymous said...

Erin is weird like...80's one hit wonders are cool, you don't know why it's just the way the universe works.
You really have to know her to appreciate her though...she's like a fine wine. The more you have the more you like it. (probably because by that time your drunk...but still) =)

Amy Hutch said...

LQTM is another (more honest way of saying LOL) Laugh Quietly To Myself. DUH! (JK!)
BTW- It's a Demitri Martin thing... (comedian)

My parents are listening to the show RIGHT now. And Laughing OUT LOUD!

Aloha 4 now!
~Amy Hutch~

PS. Emo people are overly dramatic and like to cut themselves. BTW!

Just Not Right said...

Nice one, "Anonymous" who wrote:

"Erin is weird like...80's one hit wonders are cool, you don't know why it's just the way the universe works. "

Who are you?

Just Not Right said...

Ahhh!! Now I understand what LQTM is. Thanks for the explanation. I'm glad Paul and Judy are listening AND laughing out loud! Ha ha. That's the best feedback anyone can give us... letting us know we made you chuckle!

- Jake ;)

rae said...

well i realy enjoyed listening to the two of made me laugh.this is the first time i've listned and wish i had started sooner.Jake your awsomeness knows no limits.. and erin you have been makeing me laugh our whole lives. thanks for always being who you are. i will be listening from now on.

diggersstory said...

Come on already....Erin is not weird but she is ORIGINAL let's not get it mix up people...Get A Grip. ERIN RAWKS the monkey boy's socks off and thats a very good thing!!!!!!

rae said...

i forgot to say why i think erin is weird.haveing known her since conception i should have a fair amount to sy but the one thing that comes to mind is how she covers her nose with her hands when she is watching a tese moment in a movie or a scry part ..whats up with that erin??? :)

Just Not Right said...

Hello, Rae! (Erin's twin sister.) Thanks for listening to the show! I'm glad you found it. ;)

Ha ha! Yeah, Erin totally covers her nose with her hands when she watches those TENSE movie moments. What is up with that? Ha ha! It's CUTE!! =D

Just Not Right said...

Hey DiggersStory!! Thanks for stopping by. Erin is definitely ORIGINAL!! You are too right. ;)

I love your podcast, by the way. I need to leave more comments for YOU! And hey, I was suppose to play a promo for your latest episode. D'oh!! I didn't do it. Is there enough time for me to play it next week?

I hope so...

Oregon Chad said...

Golly that's some weird background music I'm hearing while I write this, I wonder who did that weird music?? I went to the dictionary to find the proper definition of weird and found out that it has more meanings than I always assumed. An archaic definition is that it's synonymous with fate or destiny. That doesn't apply to Erin. A common definition is inspiring fear or uneasiness. Not Erin. I would have to say, meaning fantastic; bizarre and unique are most descriptive of the weird we've got going here. Hey, Erin's like the music playing in the background, it's mostly on beat and cooking along with occasional bits of weird popping out... just enough to keep it interesting. Weird is good.

Phil said...

Erin is weird (not in a bad way, but still)... To me this suggests that not only is she is bizarre and unique, she is placid and unusually quiet.

I have to disagree. To use a bottled water analogy, I'd say Erin was weird (not in a bad way, but sparkling). She is as placid and unusually quiet as a freight train driving through a tornado :)

Just Not Right said...

Hey Chad, that music was awesome!! I hope you heard me say it was your creation, because I want to make sure you get credit.

And, yes, I agree with your assessment of Erin. Very accurate indeed!

- Jake ;)

Just Not Right said...

Phil said:

"Erin is placid and unusually quiet..."

ROFL!!! LMAO!!! LOL!!!! ROFL!!!

I need to meet you in person, Phil. I need to buy you a beer soon. It must happen. Shall I visit you in NewFoundLand or would you like to come to Salt Lake City? It needs to happen!!

If you come here, we could catch a Roller Derby game together. By the way, if you want to order tickets online for the September 22nd match, here is a working link:

Thanks for the comments,
- Jake =D

Jenneke said...

You asked for my humble opionion... I can see how someone would characterize Erin as weird as I am someone who could and would be characterized as such. For as far as I can judge, Erin is just one of those people who is great, loveable and her own person. I love the way she laughs. She might not be the most 'normal' I know, but hey, I myself am not the most normal of people I know ;). If Erin would like a custom sock to put on the microphone for podcasts, let me know and I'll knit her one. greatings Jenneke

Just Not Right said...

You are awesome, Jenneke! Thank you for your comments! =)

We'll see if Erin wants a custom-knitted sock. That would be cool!!

- Jake =)

Erin said...

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to thank everybody for their support of my individuality! And thanks for being such a positive force in Jakes all mean a lot to him (and me)!
You rock....hard!

Erin "weirdy" Hatch

Just Not Right said...

YAY!! Even Erin left a comment. Woo-hoo!! ;D

Dry Shave said...

Erin's not weird, she's unique and special. I wish she (and you) were my friends in "real life".

Which brings us to Facebook. I'm on there as me, not a podcaster. I don't podcast anymore. I only listen. Not sure if Ross is still gonna podcast. Oh and my 14 year old sister, who has just recently come back into my life, asked me to be on Facebook. How could I refuse? I need to bond.


Just Not Right said...

Oh Karen! You are the bees knees. Thank you for visiting our page. I'm sad that you aren't podcasting anymore. =( I really enjoyed listening to you on Dry Shave. I hope Ross keeps it up! He's good to listen to as well.