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Monday, August 25, 2008

#123 Burning Love

JNR #123 Come and Put Out My Burning Love

15mins 18secs


kjmitchell715 said...

You guys are so amazing!

I love you both and think the world of you, but this is really for Erin...

You rock! And I'm sorry you were so bummed out...but you are so funny and intelligent and I look forward to listening to you every week!

It's hard not letting personal stuff affect the podcast. I have been having a hard time with that lately -- what with deferring at NYU and breaking up with my boyfriend...and I know it's weird to think about...but you have a silent support group in the form of your listeners. And just because they don't always give you feedback doesn't mean that they don't listen and love it every single week.

So please--both of you--don't ever stop being so amazing--because I sort of feel like you are a big part of my support group and that by listening to each other we help each other get through all the other crap.



Tim said...

I'll have what she's having, oh wait, I did. . .A GREAT SHOW! You guys rock, and I love your show. Can't wait for the next one...Keep up the great work.