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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

#119 Hot Drive

JNR #119 The Hot Drive Episode

30 July 2008
26mins 10secs
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Anonymous said...

I imagine that if you peeled off your skin, you would take the nerves with it so it would be impossible to feel the fanning. I'm unwilling to test this out for you though. Sorry. I have to draw the line somewhere. I draw it at ripping off my skin.

It's not 104 here, but it was 94 today... and I don't have air conditioning in my car.

Just Not Right said...

Would you still get freezer burn if you peeled your skin off and sat inside of a meat locker? =o

Josh Adamson said...

Kudos for reading Watchmen. I'm not a big graphic novel fan, but I was so impressed by Alan Moore's masterpiece.

For some reason, the whole peeling of skin thing made me imagine someone peeling their skin off and making a parachute out of it, then jumping off of a cliff and gliding gently to the ground. How lovely.

Josh Adamson said...

...maybe Erin should try THAT as a sound effect! (in reference to previous skin peel/parachute comment)

Jake Cordova said...

Cool, Josh! I like it. ;)