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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

#115 Power Thirst

JNR #115 The Power Thirst Episode

28 mins 55 secs
02 July 2008
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Anonymous said...

It's like adding a homo to a girl-on-girl porn!

You'll be extremely well-dressed.


Just Not Right said...


Eric said...

Just listened to the show and first thought I was listening to two individuals released from a psych ward, then I realized I was right.

Can't wait for the next episode.

Nick said...

Thank you for your support! Yes Erin, it is true that you can do ANYTHING after drinking Powerthirst. I'm drinking a Fizzbitch right now, and I am PowerBating! That's right, it was over before I began!!
400 BABIES!!!
I'm off to do some PowerTwitter!

Nick Johnson
CEO Powerthirst, LLC

Iann said...

Fucking hilarious!! I was shaking in my cubicle trying not to let the laugh out. Thanks, I needed that. PowerLaugh! Where you bring down the office in one fell laugh!

Just Not Right said...

Thanks for listening, Eric. You're pretty close to the mark. >XD

Just Not Right said...

Nick, when did you become CEO of PowerThirst? Ha ha. Was it after your inspiration for a website called "What Would Jesus Drink?" =)

Just Not Right said...

Hey Iann, glad you enjoyed the show. Those PowerThirst commercials are great! Maybe I can find some more... We'll see. >=)

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Terry.. couldnt remember my password....
I would like to hear Erin.. do a sound effect of .... a phone... lost at a Roots Concert.. around.. a bunch of Hippies... Stealing Hippies.. to be exact.... yeah... thats what I would like to hear...

also.... Anal Blast.... HILARIOUS... NO BABIES!!!!! Great...