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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

#113 Drunk Girl Guy Podcast

JNR #113 Drunk Girl Guy Podcasters

18 June 2008
35 mins 15 secs


Anonymous said...

Katie's turning 22 this month. I'm 19 and old enough to drink with parental consent in VA.

And how did you know that vodka was the poison of choice on hottub nights? Are you watching us in the hottub?

Creepy creepy creepy

Just Not Right said...

Hottub nights and Vodka - is there any other way? That's interesting about your 'parental consent to drink' law... Did you know that in Canada the legal drinking age is 16? In Utah, you are an instant sinner worthy of eternal damnation if you so much as sniff alcohol. Which is why so many of us beer-drinking anti-religious types do it with pride.