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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

#112 Sound Effects

JNR #112 The Sound Effects Episode with Jake and Erin.

10 June 2008
25 Mins 45 Secs
PupuPlayer PRO

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Anonymous said...

Jake, Jake, Jake!!!

I loved this show! I love your new addition with the storytelling coupled up with the sound effects. It could be fun pairing that concept up with the Isaac Asimov Super Quiz as well! While you read the questions to Erin and while she answers, there could be all sorts of fun sounds surrounding you! Judges???

Sorry about my delayed response. I listened to the show last week while at work. I had intentions of leaving a comment much sooner.

Thanks for having such a great show, and really, for just being so damn lovely and wonderful!!!


Just Not Right said...

Thank you, CJ! You are super amazing! And by the way... you have a REALLY sexy voice!! RAWR!! >=)