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Monday, June 11, 2007

#65 Gateway with The Johnsons

JNR #65 Gateway with The Johnson's

36mins 50secs
11 June 2007

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Mishelle said...

I can't believe you didn't edit more of that out...we sound like drunk girls on sring break, all giggly and purring. We are a sad, SAD group of people when we get together.
It was fun though! I think Nick is hooked!

Just Not Right said...

How could I edit amazing entertainment like you and Chris? =) I couldn't! You two are funny. HA HA!

I'm sorry you think we're SAD together. Personally, I think we're a lot of fun! Perhaps it's a matter of perspective.

Thanks again for a fun time! Can't wait to do it again.


Oregon Chad said...

Wish I'd been there. You are funny peoples.

I had a chance to ride the Trax while I was there a couple weeks ago and my father and I spent some time walking around at the Gateway Center. Good times.

Next tour suggestion: The City Cemetery. See if you can find Emo's tomb, I've never been able to. ;-)

Just Not Right said...

Hey Chad,

Glad you liked The Gateway! Isn't Trax great? I wish the rest of the city buses ran as smoothly.

Good suggestion for the City Cemetery! I haven't been to Emo's grave myself, but I heard all about it in high school.

- Jake =)

Nick said...

Emo's grave - hadn't thought of that yet. There are actually quite a few sculptures and other points of interest at that cemetary. Used to run around there at the middle of the night in high school and tell ghost stories.
I bet I can still walk right to Emo's grave

Just Not Right said...

Cool, Nick! We should definitely check it out. By the way, have you given any thought to doing your own podcast? You seem to enjoy it. I bet the JNR listeners would love it too!!