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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

#64 SLC Library Square

JNR #64 "SLC Library Square"
with Nick and Mishelle Johnson.

28mins 33secs


Mishelle said...

Jake and Chris....

You two are awesome! We need to go out and explore something else. I'll work on my good bad impression for next time :P

Just Not Right said...

Mishelle- YOU are the awesome one! I didn't realize how little audio we got from you. Next time, I need to shut my trap and let YOU do some talking. Eh?

You took some wicked cool pics, by the way!


Susan said...

Jake, did you end the show by saying "I love you until next time?" Does that mean by next time you won't love me anymore?

Nick's Jersey accent is truly bad. Nothing like the real thing- have I mentioned that half my family is from Jersey?- which made it awesome. I loved it!

Just Not Right said...

Hey Susan,

Thanks for leaving a comment. Oops! I hope I didn't say "I love you until next time." I meant it to be two unique sentences.

1.) "I love you." (STOP) and
2.) "Until next time."

See? My love for you is unconditional! ;D

I'm glad you enjoyed Nick's horrible NJ accent. Ha ha! It's really bad. Are you going to submit a good bad impression of your own? I hope so!!

I love you until next time,


Nick said...

Thanks for the vote Susan! It is almost difficult to pull off a Jersey accent that bad. The first time it came out I was a few beers deep and just back from a stay in Philadelphia & Atlantic City (fake Jersey). Doing it on call is most difficult, as evidence by the progressively worse it got every time I tried.

I'm currently taking requests on what other local dialects I can slaughter, "I'm coming for you Wiscansin donya know!"

Just Not Right said...

Oh no...