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Monday, February 2, 2009

#135 Super Naked

JNR #135 Super Naked

30mins 12secs
PupuPlayer PRO

- Jake and Erin podcast after the Superbowl
- We talk about being naked in photos
- Erin does some hilarious impressions
- We sing a little bit off key
- You'll love it!


kjmitchell715 said...


Absolutely hilarious as usual.

Do you still need people to read Ernie blog stuff? Tell me which one you want and I will do it NOW. ;-)

You guys rock. Seriously.

Geoff said...

Great show you two, keep up the good work!

Just a note on money, I realise I'm not one to talk due to my lack of experience, but I just thought I'd pass this bit of info along from my econ class. Every year at your yearly review you should ask for a CoLA (Cost of Living Adjustment). Basically if your work contract has a CoLA clause in it (and if it doesn't it can't hurt to try) ask for it an say something from 2-3%. The point of this is so that the company pays you in real terms not nominal. Every year there is going to be some inflation, it is unavoidable so asking for a CoLA just gives you the same amount of money in terms of how much stuff you can buy. Sorry I know that was probably really convoluted, but it is a good way to keep your head above water with finances.

Anonymous said...

By the way, sucking dick can make your throat sore. Last night, I was with a guy and, because I'm a good boy, I swallowed. We started cuddling after that and then fell asleep, so I didn't have time for my usual post-semen glass of water and cigarette. When I woke up, my throat was clogged with dry cum and I had to drink half a gallon of hot water to get it out of my throat. Just thought I'd share.

Spaguy said...

Sorry Jake, Spa-guy-ster (lol) here, I forget it is my wife that is well known and searchable on Facebook - Try searching "spaguyswife" You should find me Rod Chamberlin, her Chrystal Chamberlin and our Podcast Group "Life of Spaguyswife" all there. I will try find you & Erin first but need to find the time... So you may beat me too it.

Oh ya, our blog is at

Spaguy said...

When my wife gets a sore throat I always offer to massage it for her (with my dick) she always declines. Not sure what that is about...

Keep up the great work on your show.

Eric Thompson said...

I don't have a facebook, and don't plan to get one.

You should get a myyearbook, or if you have one, tell me how to find you.

Let me tell you how much better myyearbook is, remember those recent Subway vs. Dominos commercials, well myyearbook is Dominos in that arguement.

Eric Thompson said...

P.S. On Rock Band, you can almost get perfect everytime if you hold the mic up to the Television.

I know, that's how I win all the time.

Oh, I have a podcast too! You can find it on, I talk about your podcast a good bit. Oh, and I have a comic strip, that I'd love to know what you think of it. (The comic's link is in the top right part of the extremegamereviews website.)