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Monday, January 5, 2009

#133 Year of the Ginger Bread Man

JNR #133 Year of the Ginger Bread Man

45mins 08secs
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I'm too tired to do show notes this time, but most of the stuff we talk about can be found here:

You're so good!! Don't take any shit from anybody.

- Jake =)


Eric Thompson said...

Wanted to inform Erin (Well both of you, but it came to mind because of her comment on wanting to make the Mii's fight) that a new game called "Wii Sports: Resort" is coming out and it will allow you to swordfight with your Mii's. So you can make them fight, dunno if that's exactly what she wanted. ^^

Keep doing what you’re doing; you’re a constant source of inspiration for me, (In a non-plagiarizing way of course)

Eric Thompson

waveman said...

Great show! I was wondering who the artist was that sang the song at the end?

Jake Cordova said...

Thank you for writing, Eric. I'm glad you're enjoying the show. How fun to make Mii's sword fight! I can't wait. =D

Waveman, the song at the end of the show was called "For You" by The Barenaked Ladies.

Isn't it an awesome track?

Spaguyster said...

After leaving a message on your old blog I realized you moved it... just wanted to say "us listeners love you guys too, thanks for the shows" If we hook up on Facebook, my wii codes are posted on my boxes page. Do you have a facebook Group for your podcast?

Jake Cordova said...

Thanks, Spaguyster! JNR doesn't have a Facebook group, but Erin E. Hatch and Jake Cordova each do. I posted my Wii bits in a facebook status update last week.