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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

#107 The Humanist

JNR #107 "The Humanist Episode."

13 May 2008
19 mins 25 secs



Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful show, Jake! You express yourself very well. You offer an assuredness or a certainty that "what you see is what you get" where you're concerned. You offer no excuses for your beliefs and you comfort others with your honesty.

I love being apart of the "just not right" equation. Thank you for the opportunity to co-host on your show. I love hearing you and Erin together for your witty banter and dialog. I love hearing you on your own because you truly do bring something refreshing that only you are capable of. =)

I love you!

Happy, HappY, HAPPY Birthday!!!


Just Not Right said...

Thank you, Chris. You make me smile and feel all sorts of good inside.


jmilillustrates said...

you mentioned that atheism meant that "you know god exists but you don't believe in him." That's not really right. I as an atheist don't think that ANY gods exist. Not Yahweh, not Baal, not Zeus, not Ganesh. Just wanted to clear that up a bit. Great show Jake!